Social Media Marketing is no longer a nice to have; it is a part of your business strategy. And if it’s not already, it should be! Let us help you tap into the power of social.
Our ApproachWe create value through technology and inspired creativity; most importantly, we deliver this with excellent service. It might sound cliché, but it drives everything we do.


We help small businesses owners drive traffic, leads + sales via Social Media Marketing.

Knowing what to post is only half the battle, finding it is the other. Our team of professionals takes away searching paid by posting relevant engaging content to share with your followers. #winning #likeaboss

  • Will you work in any industry?

    No. We will not work with CBD/Hemp products, Sex or Adult Entertainment, Gambling, Alcohol or Drugs or any other service/product we perceive as misleading or not aligned with our values. We recently added Crypto & Bitcoin to the mix.
  • What is included in your Social Media Packages ?

    Social Media Packages All of our packages include scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business profiles.
  • Do you respond to questions and offer community management?

    Due to working in global time zones, it is not always possible to respond to your audience immediately so community management is NOT included in our gigs. It would be up to you to manage questions and responses from your customers. However, I can - Invite new fans on FB - Engage with Likes on FB
  • What analytics do you provide?

    All plans include a dashboard where you can check analytics for your Social Media accounts. We suggest setting up Google Analytics to track your web traffic, social goals, and events.
  • Are there any contracts?

    We believe in earning your business month after month, so there’s no contract involved. You can cancel anytime you’d like but we ask you to let us know at least 2 weeks beforehand.
  • What happens after I purchase this gig? How long to get started?

    You will be sent an onboarding profile questionnaire(s) to complete 2. You will be asked to connect your social profiles to our dashboard 3. It takes up to 12 business days to get started 4. We prefer to work long term with clients to get a smashing ROI
  • Can I preview the posts prior to them being posted?

    Absolutely, yes. One round of edits is included.
  • Do you reuse content/posts?

    Absolutely not! All content is 100% custom-tailored and branded exclusively to your business. Not a single post will ever be reused across different clients.
  • Do you offer a Free Trial?

    We do not offer a trial period at this time. Our pricing is too finely tuned to offer a free trial. A lot of work goes into setting up your service, with no setup fee charged. We recommend giving us a try for one month to see how freaking awesome we are.
  • What is your Social Media Action Plan?

    All our plans include a Social Media Action Plan. This will be provided by your account manager to help you get started and make the best use of our services, delivering, planning & action tasks, and activities together, optimising for best practices.
  • How will you know what to post?

    Once you sign up, your team will begin researching your industry, competitors, and target audience. 
  • Do I have to pay for extra platforms?

    No, you don't! All our plans include up posting on up to 6 platforms included in the price.
  • Social Media Management is about creating brand presence, supporting other marketing efforts & reaffirming core business messages

    Social Media Management is about creating brand presence, supporting other marketing efforts & reaffirming core business messages. While some lead generation is possible, if you are looking for fast & direct in a short time, this is not an appropriate strategy for you
  • Working our Magic. Happiness Guaranteed!

    Whether you purchase a one-time service or a recurring month to month plan, our team is devoted to delivering exceptional results
  • What will the content you post look like?

    Everything will be highly curated. When posting graphic material, we’ll always ensure we post high definition quality. Check the samples page.
  • Do I have to share my login details?

    No, you don’t have to give us your login details, but can give us permission to post via our own social dashboard tool. This is part of the onboarding process.
  • When can I expect posts to approve after subscribing?

    You’ll receive your monthly content approx 12 to 14 business days after signing up.
  • Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

    Any credible Social Media Agency should provide their clients with guarantees to ensure they deliver on their promise.
    Our guarantee is to increase your brand awareness, engagement and website traffic in 90 days or less
    The Only Social Media Agency That Promises Guaranteed Results or We Work For Free.
  • Will you send me a Performance Report?

    Yes, you will receive a monthly engagement and analytics report showing how your social media profiles perform. The specific data varies by platform but may include likes, shares, comments, clicks, and more. You can also review the analytics directly from your social media dashboard anytime.
  • Do you offer Organic Social Media Growth Service. How many new followers will I get?

    Yes, you can choose this as an add-on option. Because this service is unique to each client and many factors influence results, new followers will vary. 
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    I Don't Have Any Social Media Accounts Yet. Can You Create Those For Me?

    Yes, sure, we can. There is an additional cost for this

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    What happens after I purchase ?How long to get started?

    You will be sent an onboarding profile questionnaire(s) to complete It takes up to 12 business days to get started 

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    I Usually Have Promotions And Offers For My Business. Can You Promote Them?

    Yes, definitely. You can send them to your account manager monthly in advance

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    Can I Also Post On My Social Accounts While You Are Working On Them?

    Yes. They are yours, after all! We’ll take care of your Social Media, but you can always engage if you would like to!

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    How Relevant Is The Content That You Post?

    All the content we post will be specially crafted for your business by a content specialist to engage your audience.

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    Who owns the content copyright?

    You do. Any custom content we design for you is 100% yours. We claim no ownership of any content upon completion and will never republish, repurpose, or distribute your content in any location but yours.