You Need The Right Skillset To Take Advantage Of Social Media

You Need The Right Skillset To Take Advantage Of Social Media

A good social media management agency can not only save you a ton of trouble, but it can also do wonders for your brand. 

Many companies try to manage their social media strategies themselves, assuming that it can’t be that difficult. When their strategies inevitably don’t yield the desired results, they assume that it’s all just a big waste of time.

Social media might seem to just be a collection of vapid videos of teenagers doing lip-synced dance routines to popular songs, soccer mums sharing photos of their wine and cheese outings with friends, as well as an endless stream of cat memes and pop-culture commentary. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t huge potential for raising brand awareness and generating leads.

Why Social Media Matters

As of July 2021, social media giant Facebook boasted about 2.89-billion users globally. Video posting platform YouTube has about 2.1-billion users, while Instagram and Tik Tok each have about 1-billion. Twitter only has about 199-million users, but that’s still far more than the entire audience of Australian television viewers, which sits at about 20-million in total.

Not only do the number of social media users far outstrip the number of consumers of traditional media - such as newspapers, television, magazines and radio. But the pinpoint accuracy with which target audiences can be defined and reached is a marketing or public relations practitioner’s dream.

The Skills Of A Social Media Manager

In this modern age of marketing directly to your target audience on such a massive scale, an appropriately modernised set of unique skills is required to take full advantage without getting lost among the billions of other voices on these platforms.

Hiring someone you can trust this immensely important task to can be a huge risk. By contracting an expert social media management agency, you can be assured that these skillsets are all in place and ready to serve your brand with a far better risk-to-reward ratio.

A good social media management expert or team needs: 

  1. Copywriting prowess in a variety of styles, which might seem easy to do but is difficult to do well;
  2. Search engine optimisation expertise; 
  3. Excellent visual acuity and taste;
  4. Good knowledge of various tools for video, image and copy editing;
  5. Strong research capability and up-to-date general knowledge of current events, whether in politics or popular culture; 
  6. In-depth knowledge of how various social media platforms and algorithms work and how to exploit them; and
  7. Excellent communication and customer service skills.

The people responsible for your social media management are representing your brand to the public on a scale never achieved before in human history. So you need to make sure you pick the right people to wave your flag.

Set your mind at ease and employ the services of an expert social media management agency such as Flat Rate Social Media. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.