Understanding Social Media: A Tool to Increase Web Traffic

Understanding Social Media: A Tool to Increase Web Traffic

Businesses can now be accessed via social media, email, and online contact forms. This increases the quantity of social media clicks to a business's website. More than 80% of social media users visit a website, according to our survey of 537 social media users, making it critical for businesses to have a combined social media and website strategy.

81% of businesses use social media, and 78% have websites.

Most businesses recognise the value of using social media and websites to attract clients. However, the two channels should work in unison, and businesses' social media presence should make it easy for people to interact with and visit them.

Visual Objects polled 537 social media users to find out how they interact with businesses and how social media influences website visits.

This research can help businesses determine how their customers want to engage with them and how to entice social media users to their websites.

Social Media by Generation

For general inquiries, individuals use email (31%), social media (21%), and a company's website contact form (19%). Chatbot usage has risen to 9%.

Every day, 21% of social media users visit a company's website. The preferences of different generations differ: 30% of baby boomers use an online contact form, while 26% of millennials utilise social media. Millennials (90%) are more likely to click on a business's website via social media than Generation Xers (80%) and Baby Boomers (61%).

Social media offers/promotions (27%) and photos (25%) are the most likely to drive website traffic. Baby boomers (38%) place a higher value on offers and promotions than millennials (22%) and Generation X (29%).

Social Media and Online Communication

For general inquiries, the three most common contact methods are online (21%), contact form (19%), and e-mail (31%). Meanwhile, only 16% of people prefer calling a company over emailing it.

Digital channels are well-known and accessible, which is probably why nobody calls anymore. Emailing, for example, is deemed the most respectful way to make contact with companies.

Chatbots, as opposed to phone conversations, may also grow in popularity. It is predicted that 9% of customers will communicate with a company via chatbot.

Live chat support benefits websites. Customers can quickly ask product or service questions via live chat. Thus, experts predict that consumers will increasingly contact businesses via chatbots and other digital means rather than phone calls.

Millennials, Social Media, and Businesses Today

Younger generations are becoming more at ease with contacting businesses via social media. This is because social media platforms grab attention, provide information, and just the right amount of company access.

For general inquiries, each generation approaches businesses differently. To contact a company, all generations utilise email, although millennials prefer social media, and baby boomers prefer a website contact form.

Because they utilise social media more regularly, millennials are more inclined to contact a company through it. Millennials contact businesses via social media at a rate of 26%, compared to 11% of baby boomers and 20% of Generation Xers.

Website Traffic Driven by Social Media

Because the majority of consumers access a company's website via social media, firms must integrate their websites with social media. Social media boosts brand exposure as well as site traffic.

For enterprises, social media accounts for 81% of website traffic. 11% of users visit a company's website daily, while 21% do so at least once.

Most websites market their brands using social media because it is a great way for customers to remember you. Social media material drives more traffic to a company's website than to website posts.


Using social media to sell your website's blog and news material to new consumers is beneficial. Social media drives traffic to websites by promoting material that demonstrates thought leadership to the relevant audience.

To improve website traffic, businesses should promote content on social media. Businesses must make social media click-throughs easier.

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