3 Social Media Myths and Why They Are All False

3 Social Media Myths and Why They Are All False

Whatever your final goal for social media is, know that there is no such thing as a short-term stay. Once you get started using social media, you are in it for the long run. Unfortunately, if you have set unrealistic expectations from your efforts, you will only be disappointed time and time again. 

Many businesses try to start social media marketing campaigns, only to quickly give up hope because the misinformation they have fell victim to halts their efforts. Myths exist for many things, even when it comes to social media marketing, and these myths can seriously jeopardize your efforts to be successful on the platform.

To ensure you do not end up wasting time and money due to these myths, let’s tackle a few of them and reveal exactly why they are false:

Myth 1. You can share the same post on any platform

Some people may tell you to share the same post on various social media platforms to save time and money. Unfortunately, that one post will only work on a particular platform that you built it for. It is incredibly likely that even if it is just a picture, it will not be as effective. 

Instagram is quite different from YouTube or Twitter, and the content you post on each one should be catered to the audience of each. Different audiences will have differing expectations from the post they want to find, so the only way to maximize your presence is to cater posts to the varying needs on different platforms.

Myth 2. You need to be on as many platforms as possible

To maximize your reach online, you should be present on as many social media platforms as possible, right? Wrong. Not only will this be a huge waste of your time and effort, but the fact is that the majority of your ideal clients will only be using one or two social media platforms on a frequent basis. For instance, despite being on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the majority of your audience might just be on IG. Efforts on Twitter and Facebook, while they might result in a few following, will not be worth your time and effort. Instead, focusing on producing quality content for IG will maximize your returns.

Myth 3. You are only successful if you have a large following

Sure, having a large following is great to have. It indicates that you have a large group of people that care for what you do and that you can rely on them to check out what you have to offer. However, this does not mean that if you do not have a large following, you will be unsuccessful. That number does not directly indicate how successful your social media efforts are, and the only way to know that is to keep track of key factors like click-throughs and more for a more accurate answer.


Social media is a tricky place to work in, so do not be distraught if you find yourself believing any of the myths above or committing any mistakes. You can still adapt and change your social media marketing strategy, and over time, you will see your results improve! That said, if you do need help managing your social media presence, it pays to work with experts. They can cover the things you need to be done, allowing you to focus on growing your business while they take care of the social media side of things!

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