How much time are you spending on Instagram?

How much time are you spending on Instagram?

How much time are you spending on Instagram each month?

Raise your hand if you’re cringing just thinking about it. ✋

Did you know  that tere are 400 million stories users each day. On average, people spend 29 minutes a day on the platform  

If you regularly post content to Instagram, chances are you could use a few tips to lighten your workload so you can stay sane (without impacting your social media performance!). Sound like something you need? 

1. Create content in batches

Set aside time to create a week’s worth of content at once. Working in batches will decrease interruptions in your daily workflow to create content on the fly.

2. Use templates

Maintain a professional feed by using templates for content creation. It takes less time to make adjustments to a template than it does to create something brand new from scratch.

3. Block out time to engage

Engaging with your audience is just as important as posting content, but it can quickly get overwhelming. Instead of logging on whenever you get a notification, try setting aside regular blocks of time to check messages and respond to comments.

Hope you found these tips helpful!