Everything You Need to Know About Meta Verified ✅

Everything You Need to Know About Meta Verified ✅

What is Meta Verified?

Meta describes Meta Verified as "a subscription bundle to help you establish your presence on Instagram and Facebook".

How much does Meta Verified cost?

At the time of writing Meta Verified is $14.99 USD/month or $11.99 USD/month for Facebook web. Something to note is that the subscription is just for Facebook or Instagram, not both. If you want to have both you will have to buy 2 subscriptions.

Who can get Meta Verified?

At the moment, it is only available for US, Australia and New Zealand, but you're able to join a waitlist if you're based outside of those areas here.

Meta Verified is only for users 18+ years old and is not available for business as of yet, only Creators.

What is included in Meta Verified?

With Meta Verified, you have access to:

Verification: You will be able to use a verification process with government ID to receive a verified badge on your account.

Proactive account protection: As many Social Media Managers know, getting your account hacked can be a massive pain. With Meta Verified, you'll get protection from impersonation with account monitoring and two-factor authentication.

Exclusive feature: You'll have access to exclusive stickers on Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels and 100 stars a month to show your support for creators you love.

Direct account support: This is the big one! If you've tried to get in touch with Instagram or Facebook support, you know how much of a struggle it can be. With Meta Verified you will get help from a real person whenever you need it.

We're looking forward to finding out more about Meta Verified! Are you going to be getting a subscription? 

To learn more about Meta Verified, visit the link below ⬇️