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Weekly Content

Regarding ranking on Google for the long-term, content is king. Whether through a user-based community or blog content, Google highly prefers sites with consistent content published online.
Because of this, we cover weekly blog content structured to help you acquire local organic traffic. This improves website metrics that Google looks for when ranking a site, resulting in consistent growth on our target keywords.
Our content is written in-house by trained, experienced writers and is vetted by our proofreaders & your account manager. It's unique, structured well & provides assets to your website that will deliver value.


On Page Optimisation

Another important aspect of SEO is fixing your site's technical issues, along with editing pages, posts & categories for your target keywords. 
We handle the entire process for you. Our optimisation team will go through your website, fix any technical issues, and will integrate your target keywords.
Please note that we provide comparison reports for optimisation, not detailed change-by-change reports. This is not doable at our price point. We focus on executing our service rather than manual reporting that isn't needed
***We provide reporting at the end of the third month***



The final aspect of Local SEO is high-quality backlinks. In the SEO industry, many services will advertise affordable links back to your site at a large volume, typically through blogs, directories & forums. This is not long-term SEO.
Some agencies will use a 'Private Blog Network', which is owned by the agency. This is essentially a rented link that can be removed at any time. We highly advise against this.
We focus on acquiring link placements and references on media/blog sites in your industry. This is the best way to acquire backlinks. It's also the only method that Google approves. We focus on quality over quantity.
Please note that it's extremely important to publish our weekly blog articles, if you don't, it's very difficult for us to acquire backlinks.

Data Deploy

Our company provides professional data employment for clients all over the world.

Business Consulting

Multipurpose assistance for online stores and offline retail businesses.


Increase Your Website Traffic & Keyword Rankings

By injecting technology and transparency into an industry that often lacks both, we’re creating an SEO service that is fast, affordable, and hassle-free. 



Weekly Content, On-Page Optimisation, Backlinks & Reporting for one Flat Rate of $500/mo. No contracts or setup fees.
We're Changing SEO. The Industry is full of expensive solutions structured to tie you into long contracts with shitty results. At Flat Rate Social Media, we would like to introduce you to a Flat Rate SEO Service that we like to call Get Ranked.
We will provide you with transparent & affordable Local SEO that will deliver a measurable ROI.

Our Promise

Small Business Owners trust us to help them succeed in the future of Organic Marketing. Their success is our success. It's our priority and passion - we're obsessed with delivering results.

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It starts with our weekly content, the foundation-building assets that retain rankings and acquire high-quality traffic. We hire talented writers, researchers and editors to create content that ranks for intent-driven search terms.

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Website Optimisation

The next step is getting your website fully optimised for organic success with technical insights, recommendations and implementations to improve site health. We handle the entire optimisation process for you from start to finish.

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High Quality Backlinks

Acquiring genuine backlinks is a challenge for many businesses. With our outreach specialists, we can acquire high-quality links through guest posts and blog mentions.

Flat Rate SEO Pricing


No ContractNo Setup FeeMonth By MonthReporting Every 3 Months

25 Target KeywordsSEO Made Simple & AffordableOn-Page Optimisation1 Blog Article Per WeekBacklink OutreachMonthly AuditSEO DashboardReporting


No ContractNo Setup FeePay UpFrontGet Two Months of Free SEOReporting Monthly

25 Target KeywordsSEO Made Simple & AffordableOn-Page Optimisation1 Blog Article Per WeekBacklink OutreachMonthly AuditSEO DashboardReportingGet 2 Months Free

Special Offer

No Setup FeeMonth By MonthGet a Free Month of Social Media - BasicPay For 3 Months Upfront Reporting Every 3 Months

25 Target KeywordsSEO Made Simple & AffordableOn-Page Optimisation1 Blog Article Per WeekBacklink OutreachMonthly AuditSEO DashboardReportingFree Month of Social Media - Basic Plan