We stay updated on all the latest marketing trends, so you don’t have to. By providing a complete in-depth Digital Analysis that shows actionable areas of improvement, we can help you reach more potential customers. Get started by requesting a Digital Brand Audit Report.


88% of consumers who search locally on their smartphone visit or call a store within a day. For these types of user queries, search engines show business results – including a map, customer reviews, and other business details – above organic results. It’s crucial that businesses are optimised for this type of search.
We will check every aspect of your Digital Marketing Footprint and provide you with a detailed report.
Order Your Digital Marketing Audit ReportFlat Rate Social Media offers a Website Analysis & Digital Marketing (Around 80 to 100 pages) Report to help you determine how successful you are at drawing visitors and generating leads. 
We look at your brand as a consumer and see how easy (or hard) it is to find your website online, and then we compare the results to your competitors' sites to show you where you stand competitively.
Hundreds of factors influence a website’s search ranking & digital footprint. Are you reaching your audience through Social Media?


Check every aspect of your Digital Marketing Footprint & provide you with a Detailed Report (Approx 90 pages)
Deliverable: Digital Marketing Audit PDF Report 📈 with recommendations on how to fix!

Digital Audit Report



Tests IncludeAccessibilitySEOLocal SEOMobile speedVideoE-commerceReputation & ReviewsGoogle Maps/service area businessAdWords / Display AdsSocial MediaStructured data testMobile OptimizationWebsite speed testingVideoVoice Search& More!



Find answers to the most popular questions of our customers.

  • What is in the report? Why does this give me a competitive advantage?

    The audits contain various digital marketing factors across your website, social media accounts, local directories, and more.

  • Who are my local competitors? Can you research & audit them?

    We can save time with competitor suggestions & suggest local rivals to include in your report. You can include up to 2 competitors. Paid add-on per competitor required.

  • Positive results, warnings and recommendations

    Each test displays detailed information about the results found - Depending on the result; you may see different coloured boxes on the pages that highlight either positive results, warnings, or recommendations.

  • What does the score mean?

    A score out of 100 will be generated. This is the overall score for the business, based on all the tests performed during the analysis - The higher the score, the better the website performed

  • How can the score be improved?

    This all depends on how the website performed initially. The key to improving a website’s overall score is understanding where the business performed well and where it did not.

  • What a perfect 100 means?

    A score of 100 out of 100 essentially means the site cannot be improved at all. Due to the nuances of all the tests, a perfect score is beyond the reach of all but a tiny percentage of websites. The chances of a website achieving a perfect 100 score are slim, almost impossible.

  • What resources do you use to test?

    In some tests, we utilise third-party sources for the information and the results you see. These sources are cited and found at the bottom of the applicable tests and include links to the providers’ websites where more information can be found.

"71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on Social Media are likely to recommend it to their friends and family. Make sure you link your Social Media to your other online properties, so your message is magnified by social sharing and virtual word of mouth."

Flat Rate Social Media Team

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Research shows that consumers spend an average of 3 hours daily on social networks and messaging. This is an essential touchpoint for many brands and businesses that some overlook on their website.

Social Media = Word of Mouth

Data can be your best tool to drive loyalty – discover do's and don'ts. Included in our Audit, we will test all of this.SEO, E-commerce, Local SEO, Structured data test, Mobile optimisation, Reputation & reviews, Social Media, Website speed testing, Video & Voice Search & give you recommendations on how to improve it.


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